Great post by Mark Batterson.  

 I experienced a strange confluence of feelings this week.  On July 23, I celebrated my second birthday.  That’s the day I should have died from ruptured intestines.  Emergency surgery, and the Great Physician, saved my life.  So all week I’ve been reflective on the gift of life. On July 24, Praying Circles Around Your Children released. So I’m been thinking about the joy of being a father to my kids.  No greater privilege or responsibility! Then on Thursday night I went to see a movie with Parker.  On the way home, we drove byWashington Hospital Center. I was literally overwhelmed, almost to the point of tears.  I said to Parker, “That’s where I almost died.”  Then I had a thought. If I had died, Parker and Summer would have no memory of their dad.  It’s one of the saddest thoughts I’ve ever had. And Josiah wouldn’t even exist. I couldn’t bear the thought, both for me and for them.

I feel an overwhelming sadness for children who don’t have a dad.  Breaks my heart.  And I know it breaks the heart of our Heavenly Father.

Did you know…

There are more orphans in the world than there are people in the UK and France?

For every child born in the US, two children are orphaned in Asia?

If one family in every three churches in the US adopted a child, we’d adopt every child in need of a family in the US?

The church needs to rise up!  We need to talk about, think about, pray about it.  And then we need to do something about it. Love the way The Adoption Journey is elevating the conversation and bringing resources to bear.

When a family adopts a children, they are doing for that child what the Heavenly Father did for us.  Isn’t that awesome?  It’s pure religion in the words of James 1.

The Journey starts here.