In this fast paced age of technology and convenience, waiting, has become an ugly 7 letter word.  We can't wait for dinners to cook, so we frequent fast food drive-thrus. Then we can't wait in drive thru lines, so we microwave even faster meals.  If we buy a new phone or computer by the time we get home, it has become obsolete with a newer model, and we can't "wait" until our upgrade window is available.  Nobody likes to wait.  Not on our spouse, our kids, our neighbors, the traffic, the government, & especially not on our circumstances to change.

Waiting is viewed negatively in our culture.  If we have wait, we feel offended.  We feel entitled to be compensated for our time.  We view people and processes as inefficient unless we are able to be instantly gratified.  We are in a constant hurry on a daily basis and waiting for people or things is entirely unacceptable.
But I'm learning (the hard way I might add) that our waiting is oftentimes the most important part of the journey to get to our destination.  Our "delays" are the times that God uses to teach us, shape us, and prepare us for what is ahead.

Take Moses, in Exodus Chapter 2, at the age of 40 he fled Egypt after killing an Egyptian for mistreating his own Hebrew people.  He spent the next 40 years, waiting, before God spoke to him thru the burning bush asking him to go to Pharaoh and free the Israelites. Unless Moses had spent those years waiting, I doubt he would have been equipped to complete the work God called him to.

So as we are waiting, we need to remember...we're waiting for a reason.  God is shaping us to perform something that can't be accomplished in a microwave or a drive thru.  We are all still a work in progress with lots of rough edges that need to be smoothed out.